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Categories: Animal research


Announcement on a new ‘pathway’ for multiple sclerosis treatment doesn’t lead far


University release breaks cardinal transparency rule. Vaccine was tested in animals, not humans


Release on potential therapy for rare bleeding disorder gets points for restraint

1 10/23/2015

Referencing “animal study” in headline, NYIT accurately frames evidence on possible new heart failure treatment


New imaging technique is good at finding early cancer in mice, but NIH release skimps on translation to human patients


Sleeping on your side to prevent Alzheimer’s? Rat study conclusions applied too broadly to humans


After false start, release on new approach to Parkinson’s treatment recovers quickly, provides context


Release touts “new treatments to thwart colon cancer” — but buries that study subjects were mice

2 5/13/2015

Cracking open the claim that walnuts “may help slow colon cancer growth”


Eye stem cell treatment in people may not be as close as rat study release suggests

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