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Antidepressants and therapy may ease IBS, but Reuters Health story is unclear on extent of benefit


A possible link between eyesight and cognitive function? Reuters Health summary is a little out of focus


In story on texting program for chemo patients, Reuters Health keeps most study details on the DL


Though it may improve symptoms, minimally invasive heart valve surgery is not without risks


Reuters Health story on glaucoma and drinking hot tea skims over study limitations


A short, small study can’t prove opening doors or windows improves sleep quality

1 11/2/2017

‘Dramatic benefit’ of surgery in kids with epilepsy–potential harms clearly outlined


Reuters Health deftly reports new data on hormone therapy for menopause


Except for needing more sources, Reuters Health story on Graves’ disease is well-reported


‘That finding could be due to chance:’ Reuters Health uses caution to explain study on trans fats ban


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